Loud Speakers


César - From the pen of ASI comes a new brand "Avantages Audio" and the speaker model César. It is an omni directional speaker with a mirror-imaged dispersion lens on top and a refracting lens at the bottom. The upper array creates 360° radiation from two 5-inch Alnico widebanders whilst the lower one reflects a downfire 10" Magnesium/Alluminium alloy woofer in all directions. Together it nets 25Hz-20kHz response. Optional super tweeters adds output to 35kHz. César delivers phenomenal realism while reproducing music. Music is everywhere in the room with no musicians in sight. The 360 degrees dispersion virtually makes the speakers disappear. What all you will hear is collection of performers playing their respective instruments.

Specification :

-Full Range 360° Dispersion

-Frequency Response : 25 Hz ~ 20Khz without Super Tweeter.

-With optional Super Tweeter : 25Hz ~ 35Khz

-2 x 5" ALNICO Full Range Driver

-1 x 10" Magnesium/Aluminum alloy woofer

-Sensivity : 90db /4Ohm

-Dimension : 126 x 57 x 35 cm

-Weight : 40 kgs each.