Sugar Cubes

One of the key lessons with Franck's devices is that you do not fight a problem. You spread it around, minimize and blend it in to reduce its overall impact on the room's sonic fingerprint... this acoustic system is a learning experience and my room sounds tremendously better for it than it did before but also better than my previos room in many ways, with much better low-frequency resolution and a pristine treble..." - Frederic Beudot, reviewer (above photo of his room with SugarCube wall used by permission).

Our SugarCubes (so nicknamed by our customers) are a very affordable system particularly to treat the front wall behind the speakers; large windows and glass doors; and problem corners. SugarCubes are small Rosewood blocks bored through with a tiny channel in one direction and two parallel channels in another. Using a geometric matrix, these cubes are affixed to the wall with removable Blutack. The precise spacing of the SugarCube grid (width and height) has an audible impact on the room sound. Yet these devices are barely visible - and very cheap.